Kraft Bubble Envelope Dimensions 4" x 8" Size #000 - Pack of 1000

Buy the size 000 at discount bulk prices where each mailer is only .10 cents each. Also comes in a package of 500.


Tan Kraft Bubble Mailers For Your E-Commerce Business

It is a matter of personal opionion if one likes tan Kraft mailers or Poly mailers instead. Often people have the impression that the tan envelopes are better for the planet, but many people don't realize you can't recycle them since they mix paper with the bubble. 

"Happiness lies int he JOY of the achievement and the thrill of the creative effort." 
Franklin D. Roosevelt 
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SKU KBM000481000
UPC 766897400483
Color: Yellow/Brown helps conceal visibility of contents inside the mailer
Light Weight help keeps shipping cost low. Smooth Sides. Seamless bottom. Bubble lining.
Approved by UPS, FedEx, and Postal Services for Shipment
Great for shipping fragile and non-fragile items
Self-tear Adhesive seal strip for easy closure.
Package size 23 x 20.5 x 34
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