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When To Use Small Shipping Boxes Shipping Etsy Products or Bubble Mailers?

If you are selling a product that is small and could fit in either a small shipping box or a poly bubble mailer, then it is important to know when it makes sense to pick each option.  

Bubble Mailers are Ideal for: 

1. If you are shipping a product that is light in the weight but not breakable. (Example: shipping many clothing products is a good fit for mailers) 

2. Saving money on tape, void fill and bubble wrap. 

3. Shipping through First Class USPS mail as long as the product weighs less than 13 ounces in 2016 and 16 ounces in 2017. 

Small Boxes are Ideal For: 

1. If you have a product that could potentially break or get damaged with multiple packages placed on top of it. That is why some people prefer to ship jewelry in a box. 

2. If your product is expensive and the presentation of it being shipped in a box would be important. For example, you wouldn't ship a diamond necklace in a mailer. 

3. Products that need extra protection with bubble wrap around them and then a small box. 

4. Small boxes can also work well for shipping multiple products together in the same shipment to save money. 

Happy shipping!