Poly Mailer Bags 24" x 24" #8 - Pack of 50

Best price on business mailers 24" x 24" #8 - Pack of 50
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Business Mailers 24" by 24" #8

Starboxes offer a wide selection of shipping supplies which include the spacious business mailers that are sized 24" by 24". These poly mailers provide ample space for shipping multiple business ledgers, appointment books, and training manuals in the same mailer. These business mailers eliminate packing tape that is an essential and time consuming item when using the outdated paper mailing envelopes. A self-sealing flap is an easy and quick closure system that is a true time saver for the individual attending to the shipment. Supplies that need to be mailed to different locations may include letterhead and company logo stamps, pens, and notepads for conventions. The mailing material affords consistent shipping service for enclosed porous surfaces and time sensitive items. Without exception, customers will receive satisfaction when providing or receiving selections in a poly mailer.

Starboxes' poly mailers, offer their customers the opportunity to buy in bulk and reap the savings that they may pass on to their customers. Conveniently slide manuscript copies, data collection forms, and spreadsheets in the 24" by 24" business mailers to arrive at your desired destination for review before your next conference. These cost effective business mailers may be purchased in large numbers to further reduce their already low prices. The mailers are designed to withstand the turmoil and stress of passing through mailing distribution points in flawless condition. Choose business mailers in the 24" by 24" size to reduce the number of mailings by shipping numerous items and supplies in the same poly mailer.

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