Poly Mailer Bags 24" x 24" #8 - Pack of 100

High efficiency poly bags 24" x 24" #8 - Pack of 100 for non fragile items

Poly Bags 24" x 24" #8 For Shipping Merchandise

Your company space may be limited, but shipping supplies don’t need to overwhelm that space. When you need to simplify and condense materials, poly mailing bags provide an excellent means of saving space and reducing the clutter in your business facility. Many small businesses that specialize in shipping multiple items of various sizes have found that cardboard shipping boxes can be bulky and frustrating for orders that include several products. However, with the use of poly bags 24” x 24”, many pieces can be included in an order while using a fraction of the storage and packing space.

Poly bags work beautifully for party supply operations, crafting supply companies and toy sellers. 24” x 24” poly bags will hold a lot of merchandise, keeping both small and large items in an order together. Lightweight material makes it easy to work with plastic mailers, and there is little cost added in shipping. Your party supply selection for typical shipments usually includes many related products, and with an extra large mailing bag, you don’t have to worry about the party plates being separated from the decorations in the shipping process. When everything arrives together and intact, your customers will be pleased. 

More big businesses are finding the benefit in this type of mailing approach, and your small business can equally take advantage of the opportunity to streamline operations through careful selection of shipping materials. There are many businesses that can benefit from simplified storage of supplies, and use of poly bags for mailing is an effective strategy for keeping your shipping area free of clutter.
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