Poly Mailer Envelopes Dimensions: 19"x24" Size: #7 -Pack of 500

Bulk pricing is .27 each per envelope for the pack of 500. Also sold in a pack of 250 at .31 a mailer with FREE SHIPPING.

Need Extra Large Poly Mailer Envelopes?

Dimension: 19" x 24"

Size: #7

Poly mailers come in different thickness levels. The poly mailer bags at ShippingBoxDelivery.com are very strong and sturdy to ensure that your products are well protected in transit. The biggest question that people typically have is should I use an envelope with bubble or without? This really depends on the type of product you are shipping and the volume you are doing. The cost per bubble bag is substantially more, but if you are only shipping 500 a year it is negligible with the benefits of the added protection that you will receive. 


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