Padded Envelopes Dimension: 5"X10" Size #00 -Pack of 500

Order padded envelopes size 00 for .14 cents each with FREE SHIPPING. 


Poly Bubble Shipping Mailer 5"X10" #00 - Starboxes 

Poly bubble mailer 5” x 10” supplies from Starboxes can accommodate many types of businesses, and finding the best shipping mailers for your new enterprise is easy with the vast selection offered by the company. Your interest in sewing has provided you with lots of exciting ideas, and creating and selling your own patterns is a dream come true. While it may not be lucrative at first, your new business can provide you with interesting ideas for branching out and marketing to the crafting community. As you develop a good reputation with your customers, you can expect word of mouth to assist in your business growth. One of the most important keys in garnering those rave reviews, though, is making sure that your products and patterns are shipped quickly and that they arrive in good shape.

Poly bubble mailers are great for keeping shipping costs low while assuring that materials shipped are protected in transit. Your packaging of your sewing patterns is important in protecting them as they are mailed, and your customers will appreciate that their materials arrive ready to use. You may find that an offshoot of your pattern business is the selling of related sewing supplies. Whether you distribute specialized threads or useful marking and pinning tools, your need for poly bubble mailers extends beyond your need to simply enclose patterns. Shipping mailers are also excellent for keeping your patterns catalogued and stored for easy access when an order is placed. Your craft room should be carefully organized if you intend to make a serious effort at selling your designs, and using poly bubble mailer 5” x 10” products, you can be sure to keep things stored effectively.
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SKU PBM000510500
UPC 766897400070
- Extra smooth surface, lightweight, saves on shipping cost
- Perfect for handwriting or labeling, Ink, stamps, and labels adhere easily
- More Economically way to ship
- Bubble layer provides added cushioning and protection
- Self-sealing adhesive strip
Package size 23 x 20.5 x 34
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