Poly Padded Mailers

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The Benefits of Poly Bubble Mailers Over Kraft Padded Envelopes: 

1) Poly bubble mailers are typically 30% lighter than the same size Kraft bubble mailer; which has the power to possibly lower your shipping costs.  This is product dependent, but sometimes it can have a big affect particularly with first class mail requiring that the package is less than 13 ounces and soon to be 16 ounces in January 2017. 
2)  These bubble mailers are stronger protecting against tearing, they are more resistant to being punctured, or ripped than the Kraft brand.
3)  Poly bubble mailers are more water resistance.

4)  Can use a marker to write on the outside of this white plastic surface. 

5)  These padded envelopes often look better when they have undergone the rigors of shipping and handling. 

6)  Poly mailers lined with bubble are considered to be more professional and look better. 
7)  Mailing labels stick better to the poly plastic surface.  

8)  Some people have reported it is easier and faster to pack using the poly bubble mailers. 

9)  Recyclable-The bubble inside of the mailer would be sorted in the same place as the outside versus with Kraft they would have to be separated and typically are not. 

10) Poly padded envelopes are much better for International Shipping to protect from potential moisture exposure as it is shipped. 


Overall, poly plastic mailers are a very versatile product. Essentially it is a waterproof  white bag with a seal that does not require using any tape, which is why they are sometimes referred to as "bubble bags." They are very easy to use when shipping and cost effective.

When choosing which size of a bubble mailer to go with, make sure that you account for the thickness of the product. Poly bubble bags not only make it easy to ship a product, but the bubble padding instead protects your valuables from damage. Common items to place in the sleeve are anything that is more breakable or fragile, products that can be dented or scratched. 


What is the Best Way To Label a Poly Bag? 

The easiest way to label is to have labels printed and adhere to the outside of the envelope. You can add your brand, it is clean, professional and neat looking. If you prefer to use a pen, Sharpies are a great approach to ensure that it is legible and easy to read. Do not forget to put your return mail address. 

If you are sending to a military address, this must include a full name, the PSC number or ship name. Instead of the city it will be the APO, FPO or DPO AND the state and zip. 

Shipping Large Bubble Envelopes Through USPS- Watch The Thickness.  

If you are using size 4-6 large bubble envelopes, be sure to make sure you are aware of the thickness. USPS has a maximum thickness for large envelopes of 3/4 thick. This pushes many to use shipping boxes instead, even if your item will fit.