Zip Lock Bags

Helpful Ways You Can Use Zip Lock Bags: 

ZipLock Bags for Etsy Stores: 

Adorable decorated vomit bags by an Etsy Store Owner

At the Etsy store "Kids Party Print Co" they make printable bag tags geared to kids 
Etsy VinaDesign does a wonderful job showing how small zip lock bags can be used to organize or sell things like special buttons

Repurpose Zip Lock Bags as Shipping Material 

"I’ve used Ziplocs when shipping items that are not super-fragile, but are not as big as the shipping box. To minimize movement, inflate the bag with a drinking straw, zip it up and it will be a low-cost protector."


Zip Lock Ideas for Family and Kids: 

Ideas to Use Zip Lock Bags for your home 

12 clever uses for zip lock bags

Send a special love note to your child with a poem on the outside and glitter to decorate Within this little bag. 
Idea for 

Placed with loving care,
Is special angel dust
My Guardian placed there.
It is to share with special friends
When they're down or feeling blue,
To lift their heart and share a smile
As special friends should do.