Kraft Bubble Mailer 4" x 8" #000 - Pack of 2000

Great selection of Kraft Bubble Mailers and other shipping supplies all under one roof 4" x 8" #000 - Pack of 2000

Buy Bulk Kraft Bubble Mailer Envelope 4" x 8" #000 - Pack of 2000 

Purchasing Kraft bubble mailer envelopes in bulk has been beneficial to me as an eBay seller of small items. Rather than having to go out and purchase envelopes separately each time I make a sale, it's much easier and more convenient to have all the mailers I need stocked up in my workroom. Buying in bulk also allows me to save money off the individual purchase price or the price for a small lot of mailers. 

Because I sell so many items, it saves me money to be able to purchase all my packing supplies in bulk. This has actually contributed to my business's profitability. If I were running to the office supply store several times a week to buy shipping mailers, I would be using time that I could be working, and it would also cost me money in gas as well as the additional expense of buying the mailers individually.

Also, with bubble wrap mailers, you don't have to buy any bubble wrap separately to wrap your items in, which is extremely convenient and saves money. Having the bubble wrap already in the envelope saves me the steps of having to wrap and tape up padding around the items for sale. I often sell small electronic parts or jewelry, and having padded bubble mailers is a definite necessity. I don't feel that my items are safe from breaking if they're not enclosed in padded bubble mailers. 

Also, I like that the shipping mailers can fold flat for writing the recipient's name and address before sealing. Despite providing effective cushioning for my products, they're still flat enough that I can easily write legibly on the envelope before sending it out.
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