Kraft Bubble Mailer 6" x 10" #0 - Pack of 500

Trust your printed pictures to these specialty photo mailers envelops 6" x 10" #0 - Pack of 500

Ship Pictures In Photo Mailers 6" x 10" #0 - Pack of 500 

Photo storage can be challenging, and relegating your family memories to shoeboxes full of images can be a problem when you need to make a copy of a specific image. Whether you are trying to catalogue your family photos by dates and occasions or whether you are trying to gain control of your massive collection of pictures, use of photo mailers can simplify the process. Ordering a pack of 500 photo mailers 6” x 10” in size, you will find that you are sufficiently equipped to organize many of your snapshots.

Photo mailers allow you to group your images according to the characteristics that matter to you. The sturdiness of photo mailers makes them appropriate for filing in a file cabinet, file box or storage bin. The huge pile of snapshots can be stored according to your needs. Your filing system will determine your ease of access when you need to retrieve a set of photos. 

Those who love to use their images for scrapbooking will find that a bulk supply of photo mailers will make it easier to work on certain elements of a given scrapbook without having to pull out an entire collection of pictures. A small group of images can be sorted and cropped. Additionally, you can store related stickers and die cut shapes with the set of photos for which they are intended. If you find an interesting scrapbooking paper design for a particular event, a well-organized library of photos will make it easy for you to store that page with the related images. Photo mailers can be an integral part of your scrapbooking project.
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