Kraft Bubble Mailer 5" x 10" #00 - Pack of 20

Buy all your Kraft Bubble Mailers and mail envelopes from the only online shopping choice for many small business owners 5" x 10" #00 - Pack of 20

Kraft Bubble Mailer Supplies for College 5" x 10" #00 - Pack of 20

Preparation for your child’s first year away at college can be frustrating, and you can count on the need for shipping supplies in the coming weeks and months. It may seem that no sooner have you returned from leaving your young adult at the dorm than you are receiving communications detailing the items left behind. One day, it may be the USB cord for the printer. Another day, it may be a set of important documents related to the security software on the laptop. You will have plenty of moments of frustration as you wonder what’s next. However, stocking up of Kraft Bubble Now mailer 5” x 10” packages of 20 envelopes will assure that you can easily package needed items and ship them quickly so that your child can succeed in this challenging venture. Reclosable bubble bags are great for providing your student with some extra storage for small items as well.

It may take a few weeks before the reality of the situation finally sets in. As your young adult faces independence, there will be moments of exhilaration and moments of doubt, and the sight of bubble pouches in the post office box will be a welcome event. You may feel as if your calls are unwanted, but it’s important to continue to be supportive and to stay in touch. Using those 5” x 10” bubble mailers will also provide ample opportunity to send encouragements and treats so that your freshman is able to remember that you are available. Your thoughts and communications have the ability to make a positive difference as your child learns that life as an adult isn’t always easy. You may want to think about a gift card to a favorite coffee house or pizza delivery service for midterm exams week. You might want to send an extra supply of throat lozenges and vitamin C when cold weather hits. Your 5” x 10” mailers will be perfect for sending Thanksgiving plane tickets.
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