Kraft Bubble Mailer 5" x 10" #00 - Pack of 100

We have been the popular choice for many business owners who buy Kraft Bubble Mailers at great prices and unmatched service 5" x 10" #00 - Pack of 100

Buy Kraft Bubble Mailer 5" x 10" #00 - Pack of 100 to Ship FedEx, USPS or UPS

Kraft Bubble Mailers are a durable envelope that you can depend on when looking for something that you know will get the job done. Top courier companies such as FedEx and UPS commonly use Kraft Bubble Mailer envelopes.

Kraft Bubble Mailers are brilliant to use when mailing anything that will not lay flat in a standard envelope. These bubble pouches are robust and are more likely to arrive with all the contents intact and undamaged than regular envelopes, which do not offer padded support. Kraft Bubble Mailers are a reasonably priced, dependable product that has proven it is a great match for the harsh environment of the mail-center. 

Whether you are a business that is exploring a custom mail out, promotional package for VIP clients or are in charge of organizing your local Senior Citizen’s Knitting Drive for the Winter Appeal, Kraft Bubble Mailers 5" x 10" pack of 100 is going to be the answer to your all that you seek. 

These bubble wrap bags are made of superior paper. Each mailer has finned edges to ensure edge protection and each are fully lined with a bubble padding to offer maximum protection for your package. There is no print to be found on the front of the envelope. Self-inking labels and postage stamps attach easily to the exterior, making them a quick and easy addition to your stationery set. The mailers are designed to protect the contents from dampness, dents and unnecessary bending. The self-sealing tape provides added security. Kraft Bubble Mailers are lightweight, cost effective, versatile mailing and storage must haves for all! 
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