Small Bubble Rolls

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When To Use Small Bubble Wrap for Etsy Packaging:

Small bubble wrap is the #1 top selling type of bubble size there is for Etsy store owners.  This is likely due to the fact that the small size is easy to use when you are wanting to protect smaller and/or delicate items that are very expensive. The bubbles are so small that the material can easily bend to fit around even the most petite of products.

Etsy small bubble wrap applications include Etsy cosmetic products, handmade jewelry, figurines, cups, flatware, small art pieces, and Etsy kids and baby products. As a general guideline, products less than 12 inches are potentially a good fit for this type of bubble.

Etsy Small Bubble Rolls Are Not Recommended in the Following Situations:

If you are shipping a large item that is breakable like a sculpture, you need to have a lot of cushion around the product, shock protection,  and gap fill. This is best for the larger bubble wrap. The larger bubbles form a cushion that the small bubble would not. The larger size is also actually easily to wrap around larger products.

If you have a medium sized product but it is fragile and could break, that is where the medium size bubble is ideal.