Rainbow Color Bubble

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Etsy Color Bubble Tips For Pretty Packaging: 

#1. Etsy Branding- If you have a bright colored logo, you can highlight this with a bright color bubble packaging. 

#2. Color coding for Multiple Ety Products- If you have one part of your product that is very fragile, you can wrap with a bright red bubble and have FRAGILE on the outside. 

#3. Colorful and Fun- Etsy consumers are looking for an experience that is different from shopping at Wal-Mart or Costco. Have fun with this to attract your fans. 

#4. Holistic and Green- Use the green bubble wrap  if your Etsy product promotes health or goodness for our environment. 

Example: Etsy store owner Kat from "ThatDreadedKat" makes beautiful handmade clothes using reclaimed cotton. Her designs are inspiring and some of her clothes have positive environmental messages. A green color bubble might fit into her branding.

#5. Christmas Spirit- Mix green and red bubble together for festive packages that don't even need gift wrap. (This can be a competitive advantage that you offer) 

#6. Easter Spirit- Use the pink bubble cushioning, which is actually designed as an anti-static bubble for electronics, to wrap up gifts around the Easter holiday. 

#7. Emphasis Themes: Use the blue bubble wrap if you have an Etsy store that ships out sea-side products. 

Example: Etsy store owner BrandiFitzgerald makes beautiful pillows with sea-side themes. Blue bubble wrap could potentially be a great addition to her brand.  

#8. Fun for Kids- If you are selling a product that is aimed at  Etsy baby and kids, they love bright red, blue and green colors. 

#9. Save Money on White Labels: A white label stands out on a color background. Consider using white shipping boxes too. 

#10. Dramatic Presentation: Consider using white shipping boxes and having a bright bubble packaged product inside.  

Happy shipping the colorful way!