Large Bubble Rolls

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Tips For Etsy Stores Using Large Bubble Wrap for Shipping: 

1. There are three main sizes of bubble wrap, small, medium and large. This refers to the actual size of the bubble For the large bubble size, the most common one is the 1/2 inch bubble. This is a very large, big bubble and great fun for kids to play with and ideal for shipping very fragile large items. 

2. The reason why an Etsy shipper would select a large size bubble wrap is to provide protection of a product, and to void fill in the box. Since this size does both things it saves money from having to purchase other items like packing peanuts, and it easy messy for your customers. 

3. A common Etsy bubble wrap packaging solution approach for packing very delicate items is to use the flexibility of the small and the medium bubble, and then double wrap with the larger bubble size. That provides extra protection and fills up the gaps inside of the shipping boxes.