Bubble Wrap

Looking at Where to Find Cheap Bubble Wrap For Etsy Stores?

Our Etsy bubble wrap solutions are ideal to help prevent shipping and handling damages which lead to expensive returns. This type of packing supply is ideal for very fragile items, but not necessary for all types of shipping

 When To Use Each Type of Bubble Roll With Etsy Packaging

1. Small bubble wrap: 
Easy to bend, fold and ideal for small delicate items. Good for smaller delicate items like accessories, cosmetics, or bracelets. 

2. Medium bubbles:
Good to protect more fragile medium sized products. 

3. Large bubble wrap:
Very protective bubble for very large fragile items. It isn't as easy to work with if items are smaller, which is why this is great for big products. Also it can be use as a combination packaging solution; gap-fill in the box and protection around the product.