Bubble Mailers- 4" x 5.5" #1 - Pack of 1500 (.07 cents each)

Bulk Pricing on Bubble Mailers 4" x 5.5" #1 - Pack of 1500 always measure to make sure your product will fit well.

Bulk Low Pricing and Free Shipping on Bubble Pouches- 4" x 5.5" #1 - Pack of 1500 (.07 cents each) 

Bubble pouches are very easy to store and you might as well take advantage of the best pricing possible if you need the 4" x 5.5" bubble pouch. These mailers are the ideal size for many items from CDs to household items. If you imagine an IPHONE, this is the size it would fit well.
These secure and sturdy bubble pouches help ensure that your products arrive safely and with care and attention. They are also very easy and fast to assemble which also saves you money and time. 
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