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How To Ship Pet Supplies for Your Etsy Store? 

If you are wondering how to save money shipping pet collars, leashes, pet bedding, pet furniture, pet storage, gates, fences, and toys, has all of the products that you need.

Pet leashes, harnesses, ID tags, collars and jewelry for pets are lightweight and can be typically shipped first class in an envelope or a mailer that is lined with bubble. You can buy in bulk to save money. Many pet products can be shipped in this fashion as you can order these envelopes in small to large sizes. 

- Pet bedding will often require using shipping boxes, however, unless the weight is greater than 70 lbs you can save money and use single wall boxes. 

An Etsy store owner AdoreCustomPetBeds  listed the weight for most of her beds. 

These Pet Beds Weighed the following, which are ideal to use single wall boxes and likely ship through USPS as the weight is not that much. 
18" x 18" → 4 lbs
18" x 22" → 5 lbs
22" x 22" → 5-1/2 lbs
22" x 28" → 7 lbs
28" x 28" → 8 lbs
32" x 32" → 12 lbs
28" x 36" → 12 lbs
32" x 40" → 20 lbs