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 General Shipping Guidelines for Clothes: 

1.  Tee shirts, sweaters, pants and ties can typically fit very well in a poly bubble mailer with a cost of first class mail ranging from  $5.95 to $8.00. If your clothes are expensive, it is suggested to purchase the added insurance.

 2. if you are shipping a suit, dress or wedding items, consider using shipping boxes to ensure the clothes are not damaged or wrinkled. There is nothing that makes clothes look worse than being worn looking when they arrive.  

3. Bubble mailer 00 is a great size o mailer for most tee shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans. 

4. The most common types of shipping boxes for clothes will be in the  will be in the 5-8"  size range

How To Ship Tee Shirts

If you are shipping 1-2 shirts, use a poly mailer bag. Shipping through First Class USPS will be between $2.50-$3.50. Please note if it goes over 13 ounces you can not use the First Class mail option, which is least expensive.