Bio Peanuts

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How, Why and When To Use Biodegradable Packing Peanuts?

Packing peanuts have many names including Styrofoam popcorn, foam peanuts or packing noodles. Packing peanuts are mainly used to fill empty voids inside of a shipping box to help prevent shipping damages. 

The reason void fill is important is if fragile items move around inside of the box while they are being shipped, they could break.  Packing peanuts of all kinds help insulate, protect against shock and provide a barrier of protection to ensure that your product has no movement inside of the box. 

For regular packing peanuts, most curbside programs don't offer the ability to recycle. There are some programs where you can mail back, or one can re-use, but this isn't a practical option to ask your buyers to do.

Pros and Cons of Biodegradable Packing Peanuts Over Regular Peanuts: 

Simply put, biodegradable peanuts won't end up in the landfills. They are made from non-toxic sources of wheat and corn starch. You can throw them on a compost pile and they will decompose and they don't stick to clothes. 

1. They are slightly heavier, so if you are using a lot of them it has the potential to increase shipping costs. However, it would take a lot of packing peanuts to make a difference.  

2. Your customers who are "against packing peanuts" for environmental reasons may not know that you are using the green friendly peanut. (Suggest to Etsy sellers that you add a note in the box)

3. They can be slightly higher in cost as they are more expensive to make. However, we keep our pricing the lowest in the industry so the price difference is irrelevant.  

Do Your Customers Like Receiving Any Type of Packing Peanuts? 

This is important to ask yourself when you are determining if you want to use biodegradable packing peanuts, packing paper or other options to fill the void in your boxes. The fact is that many consumers do not like having to dispose of the peanuts, and they can also be quite messy.

Some consumers have a concern for the environment and prefer not to see in their packaging. So for your Etsy or Amazon Homemade store, decide if this is the best supply for you to use for void fill. In some cases, it truly is the #1 option. We will highlight this throughout the site to provide helpful tips.

3  Environmentally Friendly Options To Gap Fill: 

1. Only Buy Biodegradable Packing Peanuts Versus Regular Packing Peanuts
At we don't sell packing peanuts that are not biodegradable. 

So as a tip, if you are using the biodegradable peanuts, you may want to add a note inside of the box so your customers know that it an be recycled. So you as the business owner can determine what you would like to receive on the other end. 

2. Make sure you use the right size of a shipping box

Only use a box that is slightly larger than your product after it has any other protective packaging on it like bubble wrap. The reason is if you use too large of a box, you will need to use more packing peanuts to fill the gaps then necessary.

3. Only use void fill if shipping fragile items
Have you ever received clothes in a box that are filled with packing peanuts? This isn't necessary or needed. If the correct size of the box is used the clothes will not move without using any foam peanuts.