About Us

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Our Vision To Is To Help Etsy Store Owners Succeed Wildly 

ShippingBoxDelivery.com was founded after a personal experience of having to sell a business due to shipping problems and costly issues that forced the business to change course.

This ia a family run business. We are passionate about being entrepreneurs, and we love helping entrepreneurs be able to work in their passion. Some of our customers have a day job that they really don't like and are building a business on the side to one day work their passion full time. Other customers of ours are quite successful with their venture selling their amazingly creative and unique products.

1. At ShippingBoxDelivery.com we are committed to helping entreprenuers ship as effectively as possible to keep costs low, yet ensure that their products are not damaged. 

2. Passionat about helping creative entrepreneurs be successful selling their passion and their creative work of art through Etsy and/or Amazon Handmade. 

3. To be a one stop resource for any shipping product that an Etsy store owner needs. 

4. To provide helpful information and up to date information to help take the mystery away from shipping.

5. To truly help our customer take the STRESS out of shipping so they can focus on their business.

6. To provide extension how to shipping information, information about changes in shipping services,  excellent low prices to keep costs down and free shipping on all products that we can. 

7. Shipping supply shopping can be boring and overwhelming. We want to make our site colorful, fun to shop at and easy to navigate. Who said boxes have to be boring! 

ShippingBoxDelivery is a family owned business that was founded with the intent to help creative entrepreneurs live their passion. We are entrepreneurs and we love helping other entrepreneurs be successful. There is nothing more beautiful than to be able to work and get paid for ones special genius, and what you love to do. If we can help creative entrepreneurs be more successful in helping them ship cost effectively, than our mission has been accomplished.