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Etsy "Razzle Dazzle Mailers," Shipping Boxes, Envelopes and Happy Rainbow Bubble Wrap

#1 Source of Shipping Supplies for Etsy, Amazon Handmade, E-Bay and E-Commerce Creative Entrepreneurs! 

Shipping Boxes, Envelopes and Bubble Wrap for Etsy Store Owners

Shipping and Box Best Sellers:

Helping Creative Entrepreneurs Save Money and Time with Cheap Etsy Shipping Supplies and Low Cost E-Commerce Shipping Boxes! 

Your expertise is being a creative Etsy entrepreneur who came up with an amazing special idea to make a homemade product. It is a one of a kind special item that can not be purchased in the mainstream market. It likely is something that you are passionate about doing. You loose all track of time in your work and you love what you make. You believe in it 100%, and everyone you know loves it. It is work that fully uses your gifts, talents and passions. This is a beautiful thing and very few find this type of passion. 

So you decide to start an Etsy business selling your wonderfully creative product that you have put so much time into creating. Everything is going REALLY well, you set up your site until......are faced with how to ship. 

Questions arise: 
-Do you use boxes or envelopes?
-What size of box or envelope is best to get the lowest shipping rate? 
-How to you ensure your products are not damaged?
-Bubble or foam protection which is better?
-First class mail or  \flat rate for my products, which one should I use?
-Do you use free boxes from USPS, there has to be a catch?
-What is a double wall box versus single wall and which one do I need?
-The list goes on. 

It is a very good idea that you make this a priority as the fact is that shipping costs can drastically affect profitability and viability of your Etsy store.  If you are not shipping with the right products you can be spending more than you need to for every sale, and/or you will be spending money on damages. 

ShippingBoxDelivery 's mission is to help creative Etsy store owners thrive and be successful with their passions and avocations in profitably selling homemade products and living their dreams. Making money from one's passion is wonderful, and is your partner to help make this effectively happen. Our team is committed to helping Etsy e-commerce stores grow their business, save money and save time in choosing the most appropriate shipping boxes, poly bubble mailers, first class mail envelopes, free flat rate boxes, and protective packaging supplies such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tape, or packing foam. 

Our goal is to make sure that your one-of-a-kind special pieces that you are making and selling are totally protected from damage,  and that you don't spend a dime more than you need to on protective packaging supplies, corrugated boxes, and/or shipping costs. 

Your specialty is being a creative entrepreneur making amazing unique products that people love, and we are here to help make it easy to find the right cartons and shipping supplies so you can grow profitably. 


The fact is that ineffective shipping and packaging can greatly cut into profits and growth of an
Etsy, E-Bay or Amazon Homemade business.  

Therefore, at ShippingBoxDelivery we make it easy. You can search for the right solution any way that you need. If you know the size, great! You can search that way. If you want ideas and recommendations of how to ship, you can search by the type of product you are shipping. Or if you know what you are trying to do, you can search by shipping need. Lastly, if you are interested in shipping using a specific method such as first class mail, media mail, Parcel post, Fed Ex, UPS or Priority Flat rate, you can also shop in that fashion to get ideas and suggested products.

We are here to help you focus your time on what you do best being a brilliant creative artist.

Navigating the Confusing Maze of USPS Shipping:

First Class USPS Mail: If you are shipping a smaller lightweight item that weighs under 13 ounces (which will be going to 16 ounces in January of 2017), and only want to look at shipping supplies that would likely be a good fit for first class mail with the lowest rates, on the site you can "Search by USPS First Class Mail." This will narrow down the types of products that would likely be a great solution for first class mail services. 

Media Mail: If you are shipping books and media and want to use media mail to save the most money, you can select "Media Mail Shipping" and ShippingBoxDelivery we will provide you with information on the recommended sizes of boxes and supplies intended for this market.

Free Flat Rate USPS Boxes: Perhaps you know that your product is small and heavy, but it would fit in one of the free flat rate priority boxes that USPS offers.  You can choose the Free Flat Rate Shipping Boxes option in order to save money on shipping boxes and utilize the best routing method for your product. On that selection, since you would not need to order corrugated products, we will provide just need recommended solutions on the packaging supplies that are most commonly used to hold your product and/or protect it from damages.  

Parcel Select Ground: If you want to ship a package through USPS Parcel Ground, the maximum combined length and girth  can not be more than 130." This means that the combined measurement of the longest side and the distance around the thickest part can’t be more than 108". If you want to search for common sizes that fit this limit but can support larger packages up to 70 pounds, you can "search by Parcel post." 

Search for Etsy Shipping Supplies By What You Are Shipping: 
Do you know what size of the shipping box, what type of packaging, how to ship and if you should use a mailer, a poly bubble mailer, an envelope, a small box, a large box, a free box from USPS? Who knew it would be this difficult. So many questions and I know you would rather focus your time on what you do best. 

The great news is that ShippingBoxDelivery has the most extensive selection of shipping how to tips specifically geared for all of the top products that are sold on stores like Etsy, E-Bay and Amazon Prime. So if you are shipping costumes, you can search by this, get shipping tips, join the collaborative forum and have products that are commonly used to ship that type of product. Literally, you can search by the very item you want to ship and get helpful shipping advice not only with our expertise but from other entrepreneurs. 

In addition, we offer a newsletter that is filled with helpful advice on all topics related to running e-commerce stores, and we are quite active on Facebook, Instagram and working on developing a whole suite of helpful YouTube how to ship videos. 

Overall, ShippingBoxDelivery is committed to helping you save you time, money and make it EASY to ship your amazing creative products. Our tips and details are designed so you can focus on selling and use our guidelines to effectively ship your products.

Collaborate with Other Entrepreneurs on Shipping Tips That Are Product Specific 

ShippingBoxDelivery believes in the importance of collaboration with entrepreneurs. Therefore, we have set up the company and box supply store in a fashion that online business entrepreneurs can help and learn from each other. Each section of the site has social tools where you can exchange packaging ideas with other entrepreneurs on best shipping practices, how to save money, what type of shipping method to use, and if you should use boxes, bubble mailers, or envelopes.  


Committed To Driving Business Back To Our Customer Stores on Etsy, E-Bay and Amazon Homemade. 

ShippingBoxDelivery has over 60 product departments, and includes three of our customer's stores on each one. There is no cost to you for this service as this is our way to help creative entrepreneurs thrive. This program is structured with the intention of helping to drive new business to you, widen your exposure, and for ShippingBoxDelivery to be your long-term shipping store partner who helps you not only source your shipping and packaging supplies but helps you grow and prosper doing what you love to do. 


Wishing you much success in making a wonderful living with your creative, unique passion! 

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